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Staying True To God’s Calling by Corey Evans

Embrace the fearless drive to succeed and the independent spirit that God has blessed you with.  —Corey Evans

Women are reaching formidable new heights today. They’ve escalated above many stereotypes, shattering the notorious glass ceiling along the way. Although many inequities still exist, women have made significant progress closing the gender gap. They’ve established themselves as influential figures, evident by serving as CEO’s, attorneys, authors, radio and television personalities, congressional leaders and elders in our
churches. In my profession of technology, I’ve seen an influx of women blazing trails all over the world. From a personal standpoint, I’m blessed to have many influential and successful women in my life. From witnessing my wife lead her team as an electrical engineer, to my sister battling Donald Trump in the boardroom as a contestant on ‘The Apprentice,’ I’m constantly inspired by the women I’m surrounded by.

I’ve seen various viewpoints of men toward women who influence others and hold positions of authority. While most men welcome the character displayed by influential women, others have a difficult time receiving their qualities. In some instances, men who’ve failed to satisfy society’s arbitrary standard of success are intimidated by the women who’ve eclipsed them. These groups of men tend to gravitate toward successful women in order to fill the void of their shortcomings. What’s even worse, I’ve witnessed circumstances where men who’ve experienced a great amount of success are not only intimidated, but also engage in power struggles with women who’ve achieved comparable success.  Here are some guidelines to help you stay true to yourself…

1)  Don’t Settle. Too many times I’ve seen women change who they are only to embrace the needs and shortcomings of another “man.” Avoid falling in these traps and don’t settle for this! If a man lacks confidence and assertiveness from within, it is highly unlikely that he’ll embrace the great qualities you have to offer.

2)  Be Authentic. Ultimately, you should stay true to whom God has called you to be. Ephesians 2:10 tells us, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” You’ve already honored God by committing your work to Him. God intended for you to reap the rewards of success, so why would you pivot from His calling only to meet the desires of someone else?

3)  Remain Strong. 1 Corinthians 10:13 teaches us, “…God is faithful, and He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability…You’re in your current position doing the things that you are because God has determined that you can handle it. If you ever feel overwhelmed with doing too much, God will always prioritize your goals to bring peace and balance in your life.

4)  Stay In Alignment. Be mindful of positioning yourself with those who aren’t aligned with the plans God has for you. Remain faithful to God and His word, for He will always guide you through your destined path.

Whether you’re dealing with an overbearing co-worker or pursuing a relationship with that special someone, continue to be the Virtuous Diva God created you to be by not letting anyone change who you are. There are plenty of people who will appreciate you just as you are, so embrace the fearless drive to succeed and the independent spirit that God has blessed you with.

Believe me, this works. Those are qualities of my wife that led me toward her!

Corey Evans is a devoted husband, father, and digital technology professional with a servant’s heart. He’s also Marshawn’s brother. He is passionate about impacting youth by helping them make sound, Christ-like choices in life. A proud graduate of Rice University, he holds a B.A. in Business/Economics and was a 4-year letter-winner as a quarterback and defensive back. You can follow him on Twitter at@coreyevans, or connect with him at This article originally appeared on blog.



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